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Hello! My name is Ian, and welcome to my personal website / blog.

I am an autodidact, full-stack web developer / software engineer, and I am currently based in London. In my spare time, you can find me hacking away, and shipping Courtsite with my friends. I also have a background in International Relations.

I do not have a formal education in web development or software engineering. I grew into this profession through freelancing at a young age, fuelled largely by the online gaming community. Since then, I have been blessed with broad opportunities for over 15 years to work across the stack, and across different industries with different levels of maturity.

As of January 2020, my preferred programming language of choice is Python (thanks to 3.7, and beyond). And prior to that, it was Go. I have however, worked extensively with JavaScript, PHP, and Java. To a lesser degree, I have also worked with Lua, Ruby, Kotlin, Elixir, Crystal, and C.

Besides Courtsite, in my spare time, I enjoy experimenting with new languages, libraries, and frameworks. Occasionally, I document my adventures with these experiments, and blog about other musings.

There is a lot more about me that I have not covered, and I hope to expand on this in the future. But, for now, if you are bored of my website, be sure to stalk befriend me elsewhere on the internet (see the footer for links).

I'm always available to chat. Don't be shy, drop me a message.